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Rewarding mental gymnastics for CEO's: looking in the mirror

Looking in the mirror as a CEO, manager or entrepreneur appears to be a very rewarding form of mental gymnastics! 💪

Practicing self-awareness is key. Especially the mindfulness 8-week MBSR training, in which I train this group of people, has scientifically proven its results.

We see effective increases in your brain areas 🧠 for concentration, adaptability to change, emotion regulation, memory & more connections between your both hemispheres. It helps brain functions like planning, predicting the future, … 🎯 work well for you instead of taking you over and creating sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, headaches, …

Many thanks to Steven Laureys & Ambits for this inspiring webinar on the role of self-awareness and mindfulness meditation for good leadership. 🏹

Interesting also is that successful entrepreneurs seem to share a core element, which is cognitive flexibility and adaption to change. These are areas that are more developed in people that meditate. 🧘‍♀️

Furthermore, many scientific studies show that the effect of meditation can be as big as the effect of medication. Plus, it has also shown its positive impact on people vulnerable to dementia. ✅

👉One of Steven's favorite exercises that he shared? Focus on your breath, then focus on your exhale, making it a bit longer. And as such, activating your relaxation response in your nervous system.

🧘‍♂️ Interested in receiving a free 5’ mindfulness exercise that I call “breathing space” or a 10' "balloon belly breathing" relaxation exercise?  You can start here.

>> Send me a message and I ll be happy to help you by sharing some of my MP3’s and video’s.

And remember: Mindfulness is not fluffy! It's very tangible and clear in its results but also in its tools and exercises. 🚀 After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup :-)

I walk the talk and practice various formal and casual forms of mindfulness meditation on a, pretty much, daily base.


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