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Your personal balance

"I no longer push myself to an unattainable maximum now, but shift my goals towards what gives me satisfaction."

Isabelle Tant, former owner AB-Consult

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Our services

Personal guidance

✅ more impact on your own work-life balance, ✅ fewer health issues, irritation or conflict, ✅ autonomy and control over increasingly stressful situtions, e.g. because of employee turnover, ✅ better productivity and focus at work, ✅ better communication and cooperation in your (family) business, ✅ delegate and manage your agenda to schedule time for relaxation, ✅ more connection with others, ✅ more self-control in coping with stress, emotions or negativity How? ✅ tailored personal coaching in individual sessions ✅ sounding board sessions where you have a listening ear in a safe environment to vent tension and get advice ✅ concrete tools that create significant effects on the work resilience and productivity of yourself and at a later stage also your people through small changes in your daily planning Methods: ✅ mindset change, ✅ train prefrontal cortex and stress receptor in your brain, ✅ introspection, ✅ stress coping, ✅ cognitive psychology, ✅ behaviour change, ✅ communication training ✅ online platform with videos, MP3s and exercises that remains permanently available, even after the program is over Follow-up: ✅ measure & monitor your work resilience with scientifically based measuring instrument that you can continue to use yourself afterwards for periodic follow-up

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"Nearly 70% of CEOs & topmanager are seriously considering quitting for a job that better supports their well-being."

-Deloitte '22

What do we do for you as a CEO or manager?

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Business owners share their experiences & long-term results 5 years later

 Investing in yourself will make the essential difference for your own productivity and the wellbeing of your people and impact the company results.

Listen to some experiences here.


We work with evidence-based methods with validated results.

(read more references here & read our sources here)

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Calmer, gentler & great effects

"The effects exceeded my expectations by far. The Personal Energy Management exercises make me calmer and gentler. Keep up the good work!"

— Filip Vanwynsberghe, owner VB Parts Hydraulics

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More satisfaction,
enjoyment & change course


"I no longer push myself to an unattainable maximum now, but shift my goals towards what gives me satisfaction."

— Isabelle Tant, associate AB-Consult


Positivity, inner peace & act differently


"What I have learned here gives me inner peace. It helps me to be more positive in life, and to think and act differently."

— Valérie, business owner

"30-50% of CEOs and topmanagers are constantly or often exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed or 25% even depressed."

How do we work towards more psychological-emotional wellbeing?

Our Mindfulness-Based-Stressreduction program is based upon recent insights on how our brain functions and new solid habits are build. Your brain literally increases its resilience, optimism and happiness. (sources)

Which domains do we improve?

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"This book provides insights into the most recent data on the brain and communication in a crystal clear way. Sharon excels at combining knowledge from different fields into this insightful book. Highly recommended."

— Luc Swinnen, Stress Management Consultancy 

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