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You & your company

“87% employees expect their employer to support them in finding their ideal work-life balance.”

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Our services

Personal guidance and company research 

✅ less stress because your people cooperate better & work more productively ✅ gain more autonomy and control over an increasingly stressful situation, e.g. during implementing an organisational change or growth process ✅ delegating & managing your agenda to schedule time for relaxation on the one hand and productive work on the other hand ✅ lead by example & set the tone for your desired company cullture ✅ get better results from your employees by optimizing your communication ✅ better balance between wellbeing and productivity, more worksatisfaction How ✅ tailored personal coaching in individual sessions ✅ customised company research on the factors that determine well-being and productivity ✅ sounding board sessions where you have a listening ear and receive advice in a safe environment ✅ concrete action plan tailored to the needs of your company ✅ guidance in the implementation of concrete tools and actions which, through small changes, have major effects on the work resilience and productivity of yourself and (the interaction with) your people Methods: ✅ scan employees & company management, options: digital survey, interviews, focus groups ✅ personal sessions focus on stressreduction and communicating clear and assertively while connecting with your people, leading to better results ✅ sounding board focuses on creating more clarity on the roles, mission, vision, strategy, culture, shared values, and how to overcome operational bottlenecks Follow-up: ✅ support afterwards with the implementation of actions in your organisation ✅ Measure & monitor your work resilience with a scientifically based measuring instrument that you can continue to use yourself for periodic follow-up and can also use with your team

jij & ouw bedrijf

"The workshop about stress was highly appreciated by all of our managers because of the content but also thanks to Sharon's understanding of the matter, her enthusiastic approach and the way it was presented.”

- Tom Troch, HR Manager BMW Belux

So what do we do for your organisation?

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Personal Energy Management for business owners, CEOs & managers

Which batteries of you & your company do we charge? 

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How do we help you experience less stress
because your people work more productively?

"Thanks to Sharon, we genuinely enjoyed ourselves and also made a valuable contribution to the well-being of our employees."

- Cindy Mattheus, HR Officer Unilever

What do customers say about our scan?

"The results from the scan are immediately usable and provide a good balance of what is going well and what areas need improvement. Additionally, House of Vitality provides sufficient support to convert the improvement areas into action points and also to help realise them. House of Vitality aims for a complete solution."

— Filip Walraeve, Managing Director Demival

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