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"After the scan, we saw what was running well and less well on the work floor. The disturbing elements are now taken out. We now have a group that enjoys working and also works much more efficiently."

Our organisation has seen a very positive shift in the past year since the results of the scan. It has helped us bring out the flaws and focus on tackling the right things instead of engaging in separate activities, which would not have enabled us to achieve the present great results.

The combination of the feedback from the scan, which came directly from the work floor, and the House of Vitality's advice, has helped us to let our people know what we are doing even if these projects are still taking place behind the scenes.

We made a promise to the work floor after the scan, and for the first time, we can visibly fulfil it as people now see what we are doing. Before it was not empty words, but much remained vague. People need transparent communication.

Everything hinges on how much time, energy and budget the organisation is willing to invest into the scan and its solutions.  We have, however, noticed that the energy we used to spend on frustrations and problem solving can now be used to communicate transparently.


We are not perfect as an organisation, but I feel that people are happy now. A lot has been addressed since the scan. The scan is a tool that shows what is going well and less well on the work floor. The disruptive elements have now been eliminated. People now easily find their way to us and the managers. We have the right team now with people who enjoy working,  want to work and are committed. We have also become much more efficient."

— Tineke Declercq, HR manager Vileroy & Boch BE


"Our action points are being realised."


"The results from the scan are immediately usable and provide a good balance of what is going well and what areas need improvement. Additionally, House of Vitality provides sufficient support to convert the improvement areas into action points and also to help realise them. House of Vitality aims for a complete solution."


— Filip Walraeve, Managing Director Demival


"We are now more consciously addressing our own talents and those of our colleagues."


"I found the interaction with my colleagues to be very educational. The results enable you to get to know your colleagues in a different way and also address their talents more consciously afterwards. I found the activity particularly enriching because you get to know your colleagues in a different way, based on their strengths.

The activities illustrate how colleagues think differently. You also reflect on your own strengths."

— Kathleen Heireman, Managing Director BLCC


"More successful ideas about our future."

"It was great! In the afternoon we had many successful ideas about the future of our centre. It was a perfect balance between effort (exercises) and fun/relaxation. Highly recommended as a team building activity..."

— Professor dr. Bart Larivière - UGent


"Greater productivity through better stress management."

"The effects exceeded my expectations by far. The Personal Energy Management exercises make me calmer and gentler. Keep up the good work!"

— Filip Vanwynsberghe, owner VB Parts Hydraulics


"Open and confidential conversations"

"The most positive experience was the open and confidential conversations. Despite a difficult Covid year with little personal contact, a good scan of our company has still been made."

— Annelies Geldhof, HR Manager Middlegate Europe


"Content, enthusiasm and approach greatly appreciated"

“Together with Sharon, we organised a workshop for our managers on stress and how to recognise stress symptoms. This workshop was highly appreciated by all of our managers because of the content but also thanks to Sharon's understanding of the matter, her enthusiastic approach and the way it was presented.”

— Tom Troch, HR Manager BMW Group Belux


"Valuable contribution to people's well-being"

"I first met Sharon when we rolled out yoga as part of Unilever's Well-being Project. From the first moment, the contacts went very smoothly and Sharon immediately knew what expectations we had for our employees. Sharon introduced yoga in an easy and smooth way, making every colleague feel comfortable during the classes. The relaxation exercises afterwards were also highly appreciated. We were particularly "charmed" by Sharon's sparkling personality and accessibility. She was also very flexible and able to meet our requests easily. Thanks to Sharon, we genuinely enjoyed ourselves and also made a valuable contribution to the well-being of our employees."

— Cindy Mattheus, HR Officer Unilever


"I no longer push myself to an unattainable maximum now, but shift my goals towards what gives me satisfaction."

"The Personal Energy Management coaching programme has helped me to change course in all areas: personally, relationally and work-related. I still have the drive to go further, but the goal has shifted: the goal is now to enjoy, and no longer to extract the maximum as a business leader. What gives me satisfaction is now the maximum, not what others expect of me, because that is unattainable..."

— Isabelle Tant, associate AB-Consult, Audit, Tax & Accountancy



"Learned a lot"

"The course 'Sustainable Leadership with Personal Energy Management' really met my expectations. I learnt a lot here!"


- Steve Mourant, Managing Director of SMTS


"Very knowledgeable about how to transform issues related to the psychological processes that companies face"



"I have known Sharon for many years, as a doctoral student and now also as part-time employee of Antwerp Management School. Sharon is always a positive person, very dynamic, extremely cooperative, mindful of herself and open to the thinking and mental frames of others. She also has a lot of knowledge about mindfulness, psychological processes in teams and organisations and she can easily link this to transformations and real-life issues that  companies or institutes have to deal with. She contributes to the positive climate in our organisation."

- Paul Matthyssens, Dean Antwerp Management School


“Being more positive and acting differently by more inner peace.”



"What I have learned here gives me inner peace. It helps me to be more positive in life, and to think and act differently."

– Valérie, manager garage Peugeot Zedelgem


"What used to make me tired, I have learned to redirect so that it now gives me energy."

"I often felt so tired physically and mentally. Through Personal Energy Management, I learned to experience the evening rush differently and even transform it in such a way that it has become a source of energy. 

For example, I learned to make a plan for tomorrow at the end of my working day, to switch off my computer 15 minutes beforehand, to drink some water (listening to my body: am I hungry or thirsty or...? When I work focused, I forget about all that), to move (tidying up a bit, stretching, walking up the stairs, emptying the letterbox and taking a breath of fresh air...), to put on some quiet music and ... I am ready to start the evening with a relaxed mind."

-Ans Vercruysse, business manager Beeldburo

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