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Customised scans

“Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work” 

Naz Beheshti, Forbeswoman, ‘10 Timely Statistics About The Connection Between Employee Engagement And Well-being’

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Customised scans "Well-being & productivity"


Company research with customised scans

Corporate research on chosen themes including well-being, productivity, corporate culture, leadership and strategy:

✓ is tailored to your organisation and depends on the specific needs,


✓ offers a solution for staff-related themes you have questions or problems about and would like to gain in-depth insight about,​


✓ is specifically recommended for strategic changes or questions from the CEO/board, as we not only screen and advise on strategy, operations and productivity, but also in the field of well-being, HRM and leadership,


✓ is embedded in an all-round approach in which we guide your organisation to identify and address the sources of problems, dissatisfaction, absenteeism and staff turnover,

✓ becomes embedded in existing or similar current tracks/projects in the organisation for unambiguous, coordinated communication to employees during the measurement or change process.

SVD Scan: Diensten

What do we survey?
Our house of "Well-being & productivity":

We measure five batteries of employee well-being: career, spiritual, social, psychological & physical well-being.

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We measure five batteries of organisational vitality: HRM, strategy, corporate culture, leadership & communication, operational functioning.

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Pijl rood.png

“87% of employees expect their employer to support them in balancing work and personal commitments”

— Naz Beheshti, Forbeswoman, ‘10 Timely Statistics About the Connection Between Employee Engagement and Well-being’

We measure performance capacity, productivity & workload. We advise on, and implement the necessary improvement actions after the scan, and follow up.


"The most positive experience was the open and confidential conversations. Despite a difficult Covid year with little personal contact, a good scan of our company has still been made."

— Annelies Geldhof, HR Manager Middlegate Europe

Our range of scans

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Scientific SVD Scan©
“well-being & productivity”

  •  Quantitative survey of the scoring for the 5 individual batteries of "work resilience" and/or the 5 organisation batteries for "organisational vitality".​​

  • Quantitative inquiry into the workload, productivity and presenteeism: what is the actual performance compared to the optimal performance? ​

  • Customised survey of organisational performance obstacles: what hinders the employee to achieve their objectives efficiently, accurately and reliably, and do their job well?

  • Focus groups & in-depth interviews.

  • In-depth analysis of underlying strengths and areas for improvement

  • Identifying bottlenecks and other issues causing absenteeism, staff turnover or dissatisfaction.

  • Proposal for improvement actions.

  • Guidance during the implementation of actions and strategic advice.

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Individual target groups: production staff, administrative staff, department heads, management, board

We have developed a specific approach and scan depending on the type of employee being surveyed:

  • Administrative staff

  • Production staff

  • (Middle) management

  • Department heads

  • Managing board

  • Teams

We offer an annual track for the organisation and its teams:

  • Follow-up of employees several times a year with a short customised survey, which checks and reflects the evolution at key points.

  • Follow-up of teams by discussing the essential points in group.

  • Clear and consistent communication about this evolution and commitment of the board and organisation to the transformation process, which generates trust and motivation.

SVD Scan icon customized.png

Fully customised scans tailored to your organisation

​Our customised scans will be adapted to:

  • the content-related needs of the organisation, e.g. ergonomics, diversity, workload, impact of an organisational change, etc.,

  • the scale of the survey, e.g. screening the entire organisation over x years (giving every employee a voice in focus groups or interviews), or surveying a representative sample qualitatively, possibly in combination with a full quantitative survey by means of a questionnaire,

  • the content and approach specific to the type of sector, e.g. manufacturing companies, service sector, transport industry, etc.

  • the type of target group, e.g. management team, production staff, administrative staff, management.

Sharon Vandousselaere_House of Vitality

Strategic advice & guidance on the implementation of improvement actions

We advise your organisation on the implementation and follow-up of improvement actions, and provide support during the process.



You can also enjoy subsidies for our scan as a Belgian enterprise.




"The SVD Scan© has enabled us for the first time to fulfil our promise to the staff and to communicate transparently. After the scan we understood what was functioning well and less well on the work floor. The disruptive elements were removed. Now we have a group that enjoys working and is also much more efficient."
-Tineke Declercq, HR Manager Vileroy & Boch BE


“The SVD Scan© makes people feel more resilient, optimistic and hopeful about achieving the objective, which is demonstrably linked to more productivity, creativity, retention, lower absenteeism and better team communication, team commitment, team success and team efficiency”- Sharon Vandousselaere based on Newman et al., 2014

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