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We help your organisation and people strike a better balance between

well-being & productivity

so that you all feel comfortable with it

House of Vitality_team_hov.jpg


5 questions

1. Does your management inspire your employees to stay positive, healthy and productive?

2. Which specific focus and approach will attract the right people to your organisation, keep them on board and empower them?

3. Do you want to measure and strengthen both your well-being and productivity and those of your employees in times of change or growth?

4. Which solutions to absenteeism and staff turnover surpass scanning/training?

5. What do production and administrative staff need to be more efficient, motivated and work better together?

5 assets
of House of Vitality

✓  Focus on measuring and strengthening strategy, operational functioning and productivity on the one hand, and well-being, HRM and corporate culture on the other hand.

✓  Specialisation in surveying production staff as well as administrative staff in quantitative and qualitative research.

✓  Customised surveys: tailored to your needs, company size, sector, target group and approach.

✓  Integration of post-scan actions and follow-up from start to finish by our senior partners with 25+ years of experience involved

✓  Scientifically based approach and tools.

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"Happy employees are up to 31% more productive and up to 3 times more creative." 

From ‘The Happiness Advantage’ by researcher Shawn Achor

What do we do & how?

Wat doet House of Vitality




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For whom?

Medium-sized and large organisations requiring a customised scan of their organisation or management teams and total solution "Well-being & productivity", including tailor-made elements.


"After the scan we understood what was functioning well and less well on the work floor. The disruptive elements were eliminated. We have a group now that enjoys working and is also much more efficient.

Our organisation has seen a very positive shift in the past year since the results of the scan. Along with the advice we were given this has helped us to bring out the flaws and focus on tackling the right things."


 — Tineke Declercq, HR Manager Villeroy & Boch BE

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