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Do you want to: 

✓Feel more resilient & productive as a leader?​ 

✓ Experience less stress because your people are more productive & cooperate better? 

 Know how to keep your people on board & motivated?

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For better cooperation,
higher productivity and less stress,

we improve the way you communicate with yourself and your employees.

Do you as a changemaker want to ensure that the balance between well-being and productivity, both on a personal level and in your business, becomes your key to success?

So what do we do for you?

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To achieve this, we offer you a concrete action plan.

This action plan offers you solutions with concrete plans and tools, based on a list of analyzed problems or issues in your company or with yourself. 

To do this, we first listen deeply to you or your people, observe and measure what your personal balance or cooperation in your company looks like today.  

We focus on tools that improve communication with yourself and your organization and help implement them.

House of Vitality team
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Our organisation has charted a course for the better since taking the journey with House of Vitality. It has helped us bring out the flaws. The disruptive elements have now been eliminated. 

People now easily find their way to us and the managers. We have the right team now with people who enjoy working,  want to work and are committed. We have also become much more efficient."

We have noticed that the energy we used to spend on frustrations and problem solving can now be used to communicate transparently.

- Tineke Declercq, HR Manager Vileroy & Boch BE

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"The coaching program with Sharon has helped me to change course in all areas: personally, relationally and work-related.


I still have the drive to go further, but the goal has shifted: the goal is now to enjoy, and no longer to extract the maximum as a business leader.


What gives me satisfaction is now the maximum, not what others expect of me, because that is unattainable..."

— Isabelle Tant, associate AB-Consult, Audit, Tax & Accountancy

Our trajectories

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My personal balance: well-being & productivity

This is a process in which you learn self-awareness with mindfulness training. This is the foundation for communication with yourself, and therefore for self-control as a leader under stress. We strengthen your focus & resilience.

After an analysis of your current situation and your goals, you receive a concrete action plan and tools you will be trained to use, as we retrain your brain to new constructive stresscoping & healthy routines.

The trajectory "My personal balance" is for you if:


you are aware that you are the key to change as CEO or manager

✓you are willing to look in the mirror and grow


Not suited when you are  burned-out or depressed.

>> More about your mindfulness trajectory

House of Vitality team

Me and the communication with my employees

This is a process for better communication between you and your people. We focus on behavioral change and cultivating mutual understanding. We work towards a positive atmosphere and stressreduction, creating clear common goals & reducing conflict. 


We combine working on your Personal Energy Management with research within your company. You receive a concrete action plan and tools you will be supported to implement.


The trajectory "Me & my employees" is for you if:


you are aware that you are the key to change as CEO or manager

✓ you are convinced that open communication results in better employee performance


Not for starters or very small businesses.

>> More about your Personal Energy Management trajectory

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The collaboration & productivity in my company

This is a process to improve cooperation between employees in your organization. Here we combine business research and implementation of actions. We increase motivation, commitment & retention.

Based on interviews, focusgroups & questionnaires, we analyse the cooperation, wellbeing and productivity. You receive a concrete action plan with a tailored list of plans and tools, which our senior consultants then help implement.

The trajectory "My company" is for you if:


✓ you are committed as CEO of manager to this project and actively engaged 

✓ you are convinced that open communication results in better employee performance

Not for starters and very small businesses.

We are passionate about helping middle-sized industrial firms for this type of company research.

>> More about company research

Interview with Ivan De Jonghe, former director Henkel Belux & partner Ambits.

Time to deconnect:

are you in? 

Self-discipline, nature, self-awareness, agenda management & movement.

Learn more tips & insights in our study of how CEO's balance wellbeing and productivity.

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Sharon Vandousselare

Founder, author & organisational 

Franky Van Hamme


Business mentor, senior consultant

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An-Katrien Van Peteghem

Leadership coach, senior consultant

Ove os
House of Vitality vitality house

Our house of vitality

During a company research, we offer insight on 6 pillars from our House of Wellbeing & Productivity as a foundation to define the most prioritary actions, which our senior consultants then help you implement in your organisation.

✔1. HR policy & employment conditions
✔2. Clear & inspiring mission, vision and strategy 
✔3. The organisational and team culture
✔4. The type of leadership & communication
✔5. Smooth operations and good flow of information throughout the organisations
✔6. Personal well-being: physical, psychological, social ,spiritual (purpose) and career.

Personal Energy Management for business owners, CEOs & managers

PEM video hron
video isabel

Business owners share their experiences & long-term results 5 years later

 Investing in yourself will make the essential difference for your own productivity and the wellbeing of your people and impact the company results.

Listen to some experiences here.

Get inspired

The way you communicate with your people and balance your own personal energy is very impactful on the well-being and the productivity of your employees and the company.

Here you will find articles, videos, tips and inspiration to feel, cooperate and perform better as a leader, team and organization.

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